Job Title:N-protein
Job File:Conformer3D_CID_151171.sdf
File Link:download

The 'pml' files in the result should be opened inPyMOL2.

Molecular Descriptors:Molecular Weight: 498.21
Lipid-Water partition: 6.51
Number of Hydrogen Bond Acceptors: 3
Number of Hydrogen Bond Donors: 2
Number of Rotatable Bonds: 4
Number of Heavy Atoms: 38
Number of Aliphatic Rings of a Molecular: 1
Number of Aromatic Rings of a Molecular: 5
Topological Polar Suface Area: 78.09
Druglikeness: Good
Score:export to excel

a: Docking score rank with 99 representative structures from 2103 FDA approved drugs, the topper the better (e.g., 3 is better than 20).

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