Target Detail

Papain-like protease

Abbreviation: PLP/Plpro
State: Monomer

Uniprot id / Protein id:QHD43415.1


Mechanism:PLP is responsible for the cleavage of non-structural proteins (nsp) 1, 2 and 3. In addition, PLP can deubiquitinate or deISGylate host cell proteins, resulting in the immune suppression of host cells.

Reference (PMID or DOI):20181693, 19369340

Model Source:PDB

Template PDB_ID:6w9c

Pockets:There are 8 pockets in Papain-like protease.
pocket 1:

pocket 2:

pocket 3:

pocket 4:

pocket 5:

pocket 6:

pocket 7:

pocket 8:

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